Does Amazon hide the products with the best discounts?

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Some people seem to think they do

There are many products offered on Amazon that come at a highly discounted price. Many people donít even believe it, but there are products with discounts over 90%. Have you ever wondered where these products are? Have you ever seen products with such discounts Ė at least ones that you wanted to buy? Or is it possible that these products are in some hidden section? Amazon has repeatedly denied such claims by stating that all products that are in stock are visible to anyone that visits the website, and that there are no hidden sections what-so-ever. But many people still argue and believe that there are some products which remain hidden to common users.

Let's experiment

Various independent experiments have been performed to find whether there are any hidden bargains and discounts present on Amazon. I, myself, have carried out such experiments to find products that I already knew were present in a certain section of the website, and found some really interesting results. Without going into much of the useless details, the conclusion of this experiment was that there were many products with amazing discounts which did not appear on the first 15 pages of the Amazon search results.

Why can't you find the best deals?

Yes, of course, the search results are very much dependent on the specific search terms, phrases, keywords, and the categories that you select. And we know that to find a given product, you need to make sure that you be specific in your search, and narrow it down as much as possible. A vast majority of people search using general terms, such as "ladies purses" or say "15 inch laptops" rather than entering the exact model or, more specifically, the words used by the person or company who has listed the discounted product. You could say that entering general search terms reduces your chances of finding solid discounts on any given product.

Just because you can't seem them, doesn't mean they're hidden

We can conclude that, although there is no reality in the claims that Amazon is hiding high discount products from the users on purpose, it is true that people often canít find the deals, due to the fact that they fail to enter the actual keywords that are used in the discounted product descriptions. This is the reason why it is always a good idea to use "Amazon discount filters." These filters are provided by various websites, such as this one, with the intention of helping you find high discount products without spending a lot of time and effort. These websites are definitely the right way to go to find high discount products, especially in festive periods like Christmas and Easter. During such festive periods, companies are known to offer some pretty amazing discounts on wide range of products, and you don't want to miss out.

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