Finding the best deals on Amazon

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Have you ever shopped on Amazon?

If yes, then you are one of the millions of people around the world who love shopping on Amazon. And why shouldn't you? They offer the best deals, and they even have free ground shipping as long as your order is not from a third party retailer. Quite often, people get obsessed with online shopping and buy anything they find interesting. This article is especially useful for such shopaholics, as we have listed a few useful tips that can help you in finding the best deals on Amazon and saving a few bucks.

If you use your search engine to look for the deal websites, you'll be amazed to find thousands of them. But the question arises: where do all of these websites originate, and how do they find these amazing Amazon deals? They can get them from one source or another, but there has to be some place where they originate, right? It's not very practical, it and consumes a lot of time and energy to look through all the products and services offered on Amazon. So how can you find the best deals yourself?

Amazon itself has some very useful search and sorting features.

All of the products are classified into various levels of categories and subcategories. Together, with the sort-by-price feature, these are all helpful in finding the product you are looking for. But is there a way that you can search for products by the amount that they're discounted? Today, we will help you in learning the techniques to achieve just that. Everyone has searched the discount bins in their lives at least once, and the majority of us enjoy that. To look for that one specific product, and the satisfaction that you get upon finding it at the low priceā€¦ that's what makes us all happy.

Amazon deal finding is just like sifting through the bargain bins, but from the comfort of sitting in your own home. Moreover, this particular discount bin has thousands of products from all over the world. This is the time to stop imagining, and to start enjoying these discount deals.

Follow this step-by-step guideline to get the best discounts on Amazon.

  1. Go to
  2. Perform a search for the specific product, but only after choosing the related category
  3. Click on your browser address bar and at the end of the URL, add "&pct-off=50-90"

It's literally that simple. The "50-90" in the URL means that you only want to look at products with a discount in the 50% to 90% range. Of course, you can change those numbers as you desire, but 50-90 is a pretty good range. There are even more things that you can append to the URL to be more specific about your search to get the best products with the best discounts, but they can be complicated and can't be covered in a single article.

Sound difficult?

Now, what if you don't want to go changing around the Amazon URL to fit your particular deal search criteria? Well, you're in luck, because you can perform these searches without making any changes to the URL. The PercentsOff Amazon Deal Finder does all the hard work for you, so you can sit back and get the best deals with few simple clicks. Visit the main page to find the best deals and more Amazon tips.

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What are you waiting for? Go and enjoy some shopping!